The Friends of Haden Hill Estate
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Welcome to the Friends of Haden Hill Website!
We'd also like to invite you to browse our history and events pages to find out about the fascinating past and an exciting future to come.

Why not have a cup of tea while you watch exciting video footage of the house and it's history on our gallery page!

If you'd like to become involved in supporting the house and it's events please download our membership form by clicking here - it's all sorts of fun!

We work in partnership will the Sandwell Council - please show them your support by visiting their website too!

Now you can join us on Facebook too! Click here to make friends with the Friends!

Feeling a bit Tudor? We are too - see events page for detail! 
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We now have links to youtube video footage of the house in our gallery - check them out!

2018 begins with Easter. Then come and join us this May day Monday for a WWII themed day out!

See the events page for more details of this and other forthcoming attractions.


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